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Valve Guides and Valve Seats are the two main products of CHE Precision’s high tech production processes. Guides are currently available, made of the highest quality Steel, Bronze and Phosphorous Bronze. Our Seats are manufactured out of top of the line Hardened Ductile Iron, CA-18 and X-274. Both CA-18 and X-274 are proprietary alloys engineered by CHE Machining Inc.

Do not be fooled by similar looking materials. There truly is a tremendous difference. CHE created, designed and manufactured products have been playing a significant role in helping to win CART, IRL, NHRA, SCCA, and NASCAR races for many years now, and our innovative technology has us in position to continue that streak for decades to come. Click the link below for our complete catalog.

CHE Precision Product Catalog

Other Products Available from CHE

Shock absorbers (Racing)

Billet aluminum fatigue proof rocker arms (High performance aviation)

Motor Cycle Brakes (Racing)

Dry sump oil pumps

Lifter bore bushings

Rod bushings

Spring ID locators

Spring cups

Spring retainers

Cam followers

All manufactured from the highest grade materials, and built to endure the punishment it takes to earn your way into the
“Winner’s Circle.”

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