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CHE Precision searched the world over till we finally discovered a specialty foundry that was willing to make the extra effort and go that extra mile to pour the rare, high grade materials necessary to accommodate the custom designed blends that meet CHE specifications. Our commitment to “Limited Batch Processing” and continuous quality assurance inspection, as well as dedicated attention to intricate detail, has put CHE in the position to provide the finest parts available on the market, including our specialty bronze alloys.

Our product line consists of a wide variety of sizes and configurations. We have the ability to manufacture any type of guide needed to fit your specific, individual application. These quality guides are made from severe duty bronze and are designed for long life in “after-market” cylinder heads.

For the serious racer, CHE Precision offers an “XP” (Extra Precision) series valve guide, which is used by the industry’s top racing teams. These are made from a special formulation of HT Bronze, developed from over 25 years of extensive research and experience in the racing industry. This particular bronze was specifically developed to provide extended wear properties and extraordinary heat dissipation.

The ID (Internal Diameter) is a 10Ra, or better, finished with a burnished surface. All of the “XP” guides are OD (Outer Diameter) ground by locating the guides in their ID. The “XP” series is guaranteed to be concentric to within 0.0005 inch or better. What we’re talking about here is a most amazing, state of the art product that has been carefully designed to be the perfect combination of quality materials and precision craftsmanship, unmatched anywhere throughout the industry.

A worn guide can be removed from the cylinder head and a new guide installed with minimal work, usually by just guide honing and kissing the valve seat with a fresh valve job. CHE also manufactures steel valve guides primarily used in the drag racing market (Top Fuel).

Custom and Specialty guides are, of course, always available, and manufactured to your exact specifications. We’re happy to rise to the occasion of serving any particular need, and will gladly help with any research or development to do so. Our number 1 job is to be there, whenever called upon, to serve our customers, providing answers to questions, solving unique problems or making newly created applications available to our friends and clients.

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